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How to create a PayPal account

PayPal Sign Up

www.paypal.com is the official and business website of PayPal Holdings, Inc.

It is an American company which operates a global online payment system. It is regarded as the biggest and most popular payment system. It is safe, fast and secured with a pool of completed transactions proofs and documents you can see. These characteristics has helped them gain the confidence of users across worldwide, making them use PayPal to do most of their payments instead of using credit cards. It is presently available in about 203 countries  and is used by over 188 million people worldwide. With PayPal, users can do Local and International Transactions online real-time.

PayPal comes with a Basic account (Free). However, you may upgrade to a Premium PayPal account service that will cost you a few dollars but with additional great services.

It is best suited for making financial payments online, for shoppers and merchants that desires an simple, prompt and flexible online payment experience.

PayPal also offers a Credit Card, which is excellent for an easy, fast and reliable anytime you use it. You can quickly make or receive payments from anywhere. www.PayPal.com is generally acceptable and has beaten off competition from other emerging online payment platforms like PayOneer, Google Wallet (which is a Google Onlin Payment platform) etc. You can find more information abut PayPal from Wikipedia and www.PayPal.com about us webpage.

If you have businesses online and you have not subscribed for a PayPal account, you are doing yourself and businesses a great disservice. PayPal is also a must have for online shoppers who wants to make secured payments online. So rush now and get one for yourself.

The Following Summarizes Some Key Information about PayPal (Source: Wikipedia, September 2016)

USERS 173 MILLION (2015)

www.PayPal.com Sign Up | How to Sign Up for a PayPal Account

To create a PayPal Account, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the official website of PayPal at www.Paypal.com .
  2. Click “Sign Up”.
  3. Select Personal account or Business account, depending on what you want.
  4. Next, Paypal.com will ask you to provide further information including Nationality, Account Type, Email Address, Names, Date of Birth, Residential Address, Zip Code and Phone Number.
  5. Done? Click the PayPal “Sign Up” button to finish.

You have successfully created a PayPal account through which you can pay and receive payments for goods and services, online. Remember, you can have both a Personal PayPal and Business account but you will need to operate them separately with different email addresses.

www.PayPal.com Login In | How to Sign Login into Your PayPal Account

Now in PayPal Login or PayPal Sign In, once you create a PayPal account, you can quickly Login to your account. When you Login, you are able to explore and see amazing ways to set up your transactions, change your settings and many more features that will help you tidy up your financial transactions online.

To Sign In to Your PayPal.com account:

  1. Go to the official website of PayPal at www.Paypal.com .
  2. Click “Sign In”.
  3. Supply your Login information as required.
  4. Select the ‘Enter Key” to Login.
  5. Once in, you can:
    1. Send and Receive Money from family and friends across geographical boundaries.
    2. Shop on merchants websites
    3. Make payments for Goods bought and Services rendered.
    4. Accept Payments via credit or debit cards and your bank accounts.

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